Car Air Vent Phone Holder

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The car air vent phone holder has been designed to provide 360-degree rotation. You can also change the view according to your convenience. The sturdy body keeps the phone stable, preventing it from falling off on bumpy roads, pot-holes and turning tight corners. In addition to this, you can easily talk or listen to music using a mobile phone holder for the car uk. The best mobile phone holder for car vents is designed to set the optimum angle according to your need. The material of the car air vent is non-slip and silicone ensures that the vent remains scratchless. Whereas an iphone holder for the car vent is easy to install. Further, the car vent phone holder is made of spring-loaded clamps. Furthermore, the charging port cutout is available which really enhances the usability as you don't have to reserve your phone for connecting it to the charger. The air vent phone holder is usually compatible with most other phones but does check your phone so that there is no unnecessary mistake while buying one for your phone. Most of these mobile baseus air vent car holders are made of horizontal and vertical vents. The aluminium alloy body provides great strength thus making the holder steady and strong. If any type of dust got stuck to the gel pad, then you can easily wash them and use them for a longer period. The clips of the vent phone holder firmly hold the air vents - this makes the phone easy to operate with one hand. The hands-free navigation is a great relief to the drivers in busy streets which helps them throughout their journey.

The air vent phone holders don’t block the front view and don’t interfere with driver vision. Also, the drivers feel it is easy to use a mobile phone holder for the car and enjoy a hassle-free journey. These holders are perfect companions for your journeys. Just keep in mind to not let your phone overheat. Moreover, such a mobile phone car holder for can uk doesn't affect your smartphone's signal. Meanwhile, these holders are accessible for both Android and iOS devices. In addition to this, most smartphones can use this best mobile phone holder car air vent. But for an air vent wireless charger, you need to have a wireless system in your smartphone. Also, this mobile phone holder for cars is available in different colours. These holders help us in many ways in our daily life. So backdeal provides you with a variety of these holders. Thus, looking for a mobile phone holder for a car, then buy it from backdeals right now.

The car air vent phone holder can hold a phone up to 6 inches. It comes with a lock and key, so the phone is safe from theft. The holder also has a USB port on it and an AC adapter, which means you will be able to charge your phone while using it as a stand. The car air vent phone holder is convenient for when your hands are full or you're driving. It allows you to mount your phone on the air vent in your car, so it still has access to GPS, Bluetooth and more.



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