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An Audio Cable is used to connect an audio source to an amplifier or powered speaker. Audio cables are distinguished by their plugs and sockets rather than by the shape or colour of the wire used.

The purpose of Audio Cables is to transmit sound from the source as diligently as possible. *Audio Cables* may pick up extra noise or experience degradation along the way if the required specifications for their use are not met, which vary depending on the context.

An Optical Audio Cable connects two devices by transmitting stereo or 5.1 S/PDIF digital audio. The digital audio output on the back of your TV is a common application for this type of connection. The most common application for *Optical Audio Cable* is in consumer sound equipment via a "digital optical" socket, where it transports a digital audio stream from variables such as CD and DVD players to an AV receiver capable of decoding two channels of uncompressed lossless PCM audio.

The aux cable is always a 3.5 mm cable. If you're wondering how to convert a Optical Audio Cable to Aux, simply use a digital to analogue converter (DAC) and connect your optical coaxial cable to the DAC's output side. 

The 3.5mm To 3.5mm Audio Cable 1 Meter Aux cable is used to connect your mobile phones, mp3 players, mp4 players, or stereo equipment. This is a high-quality stereo jack audio connection.

A monophonic signal, such as a single pickup on a musical instrument, is carried by a Stereo Audio Cable. A stereo cable adds an additional connection, allowing a single cable to carry TWO channels of audio. 

You can connect your Beats headphones to your music player using the Beats Audio Cable. It also serves as an auxiliary cable for playing music from your iPhone, iPad, or iPod in the car. 

The Apple Lightning to 3.5 mm Audio Cable Adapter allows you to connect 3.5 mm audio plug devices to your Lightning devices. It is compatible with any device that has a Lightning connector and runs iOS 10 or later, including the iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone. It is also compatible with iPad models running iPadOS.

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