FM Transmitter

In this section we will cover some facts and features about FM transmitter. you can broadcast the music that may be playing along with your lighting displays and they would pick it up in their car radios when they tuned to the frequency that you have uh preset on your bluetooth fm transmitter for car so that's some of the basic applications of this if you have a meeting or something and you don't want to set up a whole bunch of equipment as an entertainment system amplifier you can broadcast to with this tune to the frequency.

A bluetooth fm transmitter for car will transmit in all directions 150 feet which is the limit for the fcc to broadcast a signal if you have two different antennas. You have this type of fm transmitter which can bend screws into this place right here and there's another one a wire antenna that's probably. you can Only put this type of antenna connexion on There and you can then this if you needed for any kind of application if you found the signal worked better transmitting at that level and you may even turn it so a little bit of that and you will find the best place to get the strongest Reception you can have FM radio transmitter in each of the rooms.

you could broadcast your music to all of the rooms in the house so the fm transmitter is unlimited as to what you could use this for one other thing that I found that I like is if you want to advertize uh something to the traffic around you as you're driving in your car you take this bluetooth fm transmitter for car and you mount It.

there are inputs here you have two inputs on the Top this one right here is uh the microphone and it comes well it doesn't really come with a microphone you have to order a Microphone and it is a special mini-plug it is not your standard plug that and if you forget what the actual measurement is but if you'll notice the microphone plug is smaller than a regular phone plug. You can use a Bluetooth FM transmitter for car and we're going to do a demonstration. Just to give you and you can transmit a Signal. and you could put this anywhere in the house.

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