Google Pixel Cases

The Google Pixel phone case is built from carbon fibre for better shock absorption. Many companies build cases from soft TPU l which are shock-proof as well. Almost all cases are tested for drop protection from a considerable height. The cases have UV varnish coating to prevent the pattern from being worn out. These are anti-slip,  are comfortable to hold and feel lovely to hold. The google pixel 2 phone case with its precise cutouts give good access to the fingerprint reader. The raised edges protect the touch screen as well as camera lenses. The cases have an abrasion resistance surface and are therefore anti-scratch. Available in vibrant colours which enhance the natural aesthetics of your expensive phone. The cases are robust yet flexible that make it easy to put on and remove. The buttons respond quickly to ensure proper usability of the cases. The cases are light-weight and snap around the phone snugly. The design of the google pixel cases provide safety with style.

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