Smart Speaker

A smart speaker is a device that plays your favourite music, responds to questions asked verbally, and controls parts of your home via a built-in virtual assistant feature. A smart speaker extends the concept of a music playback system. 

Now, what exactly does the Google Smart Speaker do? Google Home, as a smart speaker, executes simple commands given to it via voice or a compatible app. You can ask it to play music and podcasts, provide a weather forecast, or set an alarm to wake you up on time. The Google smart speaker can also serve as the command and control centre for your smart home.

Moving on to the best smart speaker, it not only allows you to listen to your favourite playlists and albums, but it also includes a voice assistant that can complete tasks for you. Smart home speakers can be extremely useful for everything from setting timers and alarms to providing the weather report, the latest news headlines, or sports scores, and even answering your burning questions. 

We've always thought of smart speakers and Bluetooth speakers as separate entities. But do Smart Bluetooth Speakers exist as well? Yes. Many smart speakers include Bluetooth support, but only a few are portable and battery-powered. 

The tech giant has now released the Echo Input Portable, the first of its kind wireless smart speaker with all of the functionality built in. The Echo Input Portable features a 360-degree audio output as well as hands-free Alexa capabilities that can be accessed via voice commands. It completely wirelessly connects the speaker. 

If you want to buy a smart speaker for your home but don't want to break the bank, don't worry; there are many cheap smart speakers available on the market.

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