Wireless Charging Car Phone Holder

Those who do not yet use wireless charging phone holders may find it difficult to understand why tech companies are eager to abandon wired charging. 

For starters, wireless chargers are available in a variety of sizes. Almost any other device that can charge wirelessly, including Apple and Android devices, can use the same charger. Second, the wireless charging phone holder lessens wear and tear on your device. Your device will not suffer as much damage if you never repeatedly plug and unplug the connector.

As wireless chargers have become more common in recent years, we've seen an increase in magnetic features. And here comes the magnetic car holder wireless charging.

Some people believe that standard wireless chargers aren't worth purchasing because they don't allow you to use your phone while charging. Electricity must be transferred between the wireless charger and your phone via a short magnetic field for wireless charging to occur. When you move your phone away from the charging station, the field is broken and charging stops.

With a magnetic wireless charger, however, you don't have to worry about where you place your phone on the charger and can mount power banks and charging cases to the back of your device, providing consistent power throughout the day. 

As a result, a wireless charging magnetic car phone holder may be a better choice.

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