About us

Who are we ?

We are Backdeals: nice to meet you!

You have made it this far, so thank you already and then we will explain to you in a few words who we are exactly!

Company GROUP TSA LTD alias Backdeals, is our trade name, we have been specialized in the field of telephony for 12 years.
The founder of BACKDEALS, with his experience in the field, allowed him to understand the essential needs of customers. So he designed the business model around you and your needs.
and has chosen to respond to demand through the website.

The quality of our products

It's all well and good to have a website with products, but you have to ask yourself "and the quality in all of this? "

When you buy from Backdeals, you know what you are getting.

We do not offer a wide range of smartphones, iPhones, tablets and phone accessories unlike our competitors, but each product is thoroughly checked to originality and quality standards by our team.
90% of our products are compared every day to give you a better price.
"In the end, we are all customers before being a seller" The founder

And our partners?

We work with several European partners, who are selected following several verifications.
Choosing a trustworthy supplier does not happen overnight, you take the time to appreciate their competence, if they are viable, stable and fast.
Backdeals travels to all electronics shows regularly to meet the best partners.

Logistics department

Our logistics department is located in the UK
The speed, reliability and tracking of our packages are ensured by our carriers, who were chosen following the specific request of our customers: fast delivery and real-time tracking of the package.
Our customer service:

Hello, how can I help you ?
Good morning, how may I help you today?

We pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best quality of service, which is available 7 days a week in French or English.
We are there from start to finish, from opening the account to receiving the package and beyond.
You can call us as many times as you want to be able to clarify all your questions. Please do not hesitate to disturb us because we are here for it.


See you soon ! See you soon! Hasta Luego! Bis Bald! A presto! Até logo!